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Body-Life USA

Health Clubs

Kinele floor for gyms, health club, fitness, aerobic, pilates, dance, etc.

Official Norm for Sportive Flooring
UNE-EN 41958:2000 IN - UNE-EN 1177:1998. Fire Classification M-2/V0/ B FL - S 2

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Kinele flooring adapted to nurseries, schools, kids bedroom, playrooms, etc.

Oficial Norm for nursery flooring
UNE-EN 1176:1999 - 1177:1998 Non-toxic and Non-flammable. Fire Classification M-2/VO/ B FL - S 2

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Vinyl Floor


Non-toxic and non-flammable. Fire Classification M-2/VO/ B FL - S 2

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Rubber Floor

Indoor or outdoor:

Official Normative UNE -EN 1177: 1998.
Fire classification UNE-EN 23727:1990, Class M-3

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Tatami Puzzle Mats Floor

Tatami mats

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Decorate your rooms and hide the spaces between the tiles and the wall, thanks to our baseboard

Non-flammable. Fire classification M-1

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