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Tatami Puzzle Mats

Kinele´s Tatami puzzle mats offer a cushioning floor to help avoid injuries and reduce the impact on falling. This floor is recommended for martial arts, protection of bedrooms, Day Care Centers and indoor playgrounds. Constructed with EVA foam durable, the mats will not absorb moisture or odors.

The Mats are reversible and are available in blue/red, green/yellow or black/wood pattern. This allows creating shapes and zones. Installation is very quick and easy, no need of glue. It can be installed and taken off quickly and easily.

Edging included with each mat.

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reversible tatami mats, blue, green, yellow, wood pattern, black, red. EVA foam. Interlocking floor mats.

tatami interlocking floor mats. Protect your sons. Perfect for playgrounds, nurseries, schools.


The 2.5cm thick ones are adapted to karate, taekwondo and other similar arts where falls are punctual.

The 4cm thick ones are recommended for judo, hapkido…where falls are more frequent.

Interlocking floor mats. Tatami puzzle. Jigsaw. Martial arts flooring, perfect for karate, judo, taekwondo, full contact, kick boxing, mma, kung fu, jkd, valetudo, grappling, brazilian jiu jitsu, jiujitsu, aikido, hapkido, kumite, silat, kuntao, krav maga, boxing, selfdefense, kali, eskrima. Combat.


Our Tatami puzzle Mats can be glued on the walls to protect them of eventual knocks that could hurt people.


Kinele offers a great solution to protect your children. Tatami puzzle Mats can also be used as a carpet for children where they can play or as a protection around the children's beds.

They are durable and can be placed over almost any hard surface.

Tatami flooring mats, perfect for children protection. They are warm and soft.


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Tatami Puzzle Mats Floor

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